Blood Sugar Levels Chart


Below chart displays possible blood sugar levels (in fasting state). Units are expressed in mg/dL and mmol/L respectively.


Additional topics:
What is diabetes?
How do you know if you have diabetes?
How to test for diabetes?
Why is it important to measure your blood sugar levels frequently?
Diet for people with diabetes

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Reference: American Diabetes Association,
fasting blood glucose chart
Fasting blood sugar levels chart


Additional topics:
What is diabetes?
How do you know if you have diabetes?
How to test for diabetes?
What is normal blood sugar level?
Why is it important to measure your blood sugar levels frequently?
Diet for people with diabetes

Blood Sugar 101


Blood sugar, or blood glucose,  is a source of energy that human body can process. Our body produces glucose by digesting the food we eat. It then goes through our intestines to the bloodstream and later in our muscles and other organs to be used as a fuel. In order for this mechanism to work, our pancreas has to be healthy to produce enough insulin.

If cells do not respond properly to the insulin levels this may result in a condition called insulin resistance and can lead to prediabetes and diabetes.

Blood Sugar Levels

Normal blood sugar levels are not higher than 100 mg/dL during the fasting period (at least 8 hours), or less than 140 mg/dL two hours after a meal. Blood sugar levels higher than this is considered hyperglycemia, while lower values are categorized as hypoglycemia.

Prolonged high values of blood sugar can lead to complications that can permanently damage the patient’s organs and tissues. The hormone in charge of maintaining our blood sugar on an optimum level is called insulin.

What is Insulin?

Insulin is a hormone produced in the pancreas, and its main purpose is to allow glucose to enter our cells. When we digest food and glucose enters our bloodstream, that is the signal for the pancreas to release insulin. Insulin then signals our cells to start using glucose as fuel. Excess glucose is being transformed into glucan and stored in the liver as glycogen.

During the starvation period, the pancreas releases glucagon, which elevates the levels of blood sugar by signaling the liver to transform glycogen back into glucose.

Signs and Symptoms of High and Low Blood Sugar Levels

The most frequent symptoms of hyperglycemia are:
• Frequent urination
• Thirst
• Headache
• Weakness
• Shortness of breath
• Nausea
• Vomiting
• Bad breath
• Dry mouth
• Stomach pain
Signs of low blood sugar levels include sweating, irregular heartbeat, shakiness, anxiety, nervousness, hunger, nausea, irritability, or confusion.

Risks of High/Low Blood Sugar

Some of the risks of hyperglycemia or high blood sugar levels include:
• Stroke
• Heart problems
• Kidney failure
• Vision impairment
• Weakened immune system
• Infections
• Poor circulation
• Nerve damage
• Problems with wound healing
Potential risks of prolonged low blood sugar are seizures, nerve damage, starvation, weakness, nervousness, and accidents due to person’s inability to react properly and on time.


Getting your blood sugar levels back to normal requires certain lifestyle changes including regular workout, a diet based on proteins, fibers, and healthy fats. Also, it is recommended to have at least five small meals per day and make sure not to skip breakfast. If you suffer from diabetes, take your insulin and other medications as prescribed, and do not forget to monitor your blood glucose levels on a regular basis.


Blood sugar is actually glucose in our blood that our cells use for energy. We get it by digesting the food we eat. In order to be used as fuel, insulin has to be released into the bloodstream and signal cells to start using glucose.

If the pancreas fails to produce enough insulin or our body is getting resistant to it, it can lead to elevated levels of blood sugar. If prolonged, this condition can lead to severe health problems and even death. In order to keep glucose on an optimum level keep a healthy lifestyle, eat a balanced diet and exercise. If you have diabetes, take your meds as prescribed and measure blood sugar levels according to your schedule.


Reference: American Diabetes Association,


  1. 390 is high, I would surely listen to the Dr. It may not be symptomatic if your gf is used to high sugars. But a 390 does slow internal damage… Good luck 💕

  2. Hi , i am 37 yrs old yesterday i checked my BSL post meal i found 163, before 2 months it was 148 please suggest what should i do.

    • After years of struggling with weight and being about 25 lbs overweight, I resigned myself to the fact it must be genetic. About 18 months ago I learned about Vinnie Tortorich a trainer/nutritionist. He is an advocate of no sugar, no grains. I listened to his podcast for 6 months and realized it made perfect sense. I started it last September and lost the weight at about 4 lbs a week. This is the first time in my life I lost weight, kept it off, and feel great. I use a good extra virgin olive oil, butter, eat meat and veggies, eggs, never feel hungry. I have cut out almost all sugar, never eat bread, pasta, or potatoes. It\’s the carbs that turn to sugar in your body and that turns into fat. Check with your doctor but he has helped thousands of people. It\’s called NS/NG for no sugar/no grains, plus no potatoes. My fasting glucose level is now 85 and it used to be 106. Blood pressure is now normal and I feel great.

    • Start taking IME 9 Ayurvedic medicine for diabetic…Its a very hign diebetic. you need to stop given your husband carbohydrates contain food, stop sugar….increae high protein diet and fibre…tell your husband to walk daily for 60 mins early morning and and at nght after dinner. it will come down definitely in 1 week….

      • if your husband change his life style difinitely it will come down but diabetices is very high presently…so let him give medicine and continue monitor blood sugar level every day with gluco meter.

  3. Hi im 300lbs
    Ive been checking my blood sugar every morning for the past 3 days
    Its always under 100 (fasting )
    But ive been feeling pins and needles in my feet
    They went away when i stopped drinking or eating any type of sugar (candy/soda etc)
    Do u guys think im pre diabetic or full blown diabetic?

    • You said fastingg in the mornings…have you checked any time other then that? If it is elevated over 150 before or about 2 hrs after a meal you should consult your doctor further and discuss the situation as for the pin and needle feeling in your feet that is neuropathy or nerve damage…that could be a sign you should consult with your doctor with because if that gets worse then that opens up more problems because of diabetes.

  4. HI M MANOJ KAPOOR, previous saturday I have taken my meal around 12-12.30 pm and very next morning around 9AM had my FBS with the result of 128mg so i hv to go for retest or consult the doctor

  5. Hi I\’m 27 year old and having healthy physical gesture .once I was checked out my sugar level after 2 hours it was 148 ( in meal of afternoon I was took heavy diet due to physical exercise) is it normal or something else. Please guide me.thank you.

  6. i am younus my blod sugar fasting is 180 mg/dl and my hba1c is 5.6 do I need to take any medicine or by exercise and food modification can change my blood glucose

    • I request you to please get rid of the medicine and go for morning jogging / walking for 30 minutes empty stomach. And have soaked Bengal Gram and sprouts. Do this for 2 days and follow this. Check ur sugar level it should be normal. But plz don\’t take any medicine.

  7. I had my sugar checked and it is 450 after eating afternoon meal,
    I am a 39 years of age, am I need to take medical assistance ?

    • First question is did you take your diabetes medications before your meal? If yes then how long ago did you eat? If you ate two or more hours ago then your sugar is staying too high for longer periods. You should call your physician. Now before you call him/her review what and how much you ate and what type of activities you did since you ate: all of these details are the biggest part of your diabetes management puzzle.
      My own Example: If I eat two slices of pizza or a medium sized bowl of pasta my sugar will shoot up into the 350 + range and stay there for hours past the meal and despite my insulins. I then have to take a few more units of my fast acting insulin to bring it down. I test every hour until it\’s within my target range then once more to assure it is not in a freefall.
      If I eat 8-9 oz. (yes that much) of lightly spiced salmon, a good salad (no meat, dairy or croutons, light on the light dressing, and a small -medium bowl of cooked broccoli, green beans or brussel sprouts with only a dash of salt my sugar will stay on target (130 or less one hour after my meal) I get to enjoy a good sized meal, and healthy delicious food.
      Your physician will instruct you on how much insulin to take but you must use caution or your sugar will bottom out so stay on top of testing. Good Luck and Healthy Eating!

  8. Hi,
    I\’ve been type 2 now for about 10 years (I\’m 63 years of age). About 3 months ago I got the results of my 3/4 months average check. T\’was s touch on the high side, despite 1,000mg Metformin a day so the nurse doubled the dose.
    I began to show symptpms of lactic acidosis so the Dr stopped the Med. I was ok, but now my bg readings have crept up from a stable 7 – 7.5 to this morning at 11.2.
    Should I be concerned. Complications are that I am recovering from cancer (down to one lung), and am particularly susceptible to infections. The COPD doesn\’t help much, either.
    Words of wisdom would be received very gratefully.


    • If your already type 2 you no longer tolerate carbs! Please don\’t eat them anymore. Our modern diet along with marketing has people believing all this processed sugar/starch is normal and it\’s so not. It\’s now normal to see young children with type 2 and it use to be considered an age related disease – very sad. All this non food and beverages people are consuming are causing modern diseases(cancer, diabetes, heart disease). I wish people would wake up and start eating whole foods again. Cooking our own foods again and not trusting big food with our health would go a long way. Eat healthy animals and above ground veggies with healthy fats(not inflammatory seed oils). Please don\’t trust the AHA and the ADA.

  9. Hi Dr. My sugar level was 189 post lunch after 2 hours….I am 39….Do i need to consult the doctor or start some medication…

  10. i m 34 years old ..i chekd blood sugar last m aonth .it was 173 after food and yesterday i chekad it was 115 after meal. shoul i counsult doctor? or it is ok

  11. I am 32, slightly overweight, with no history of diabetes, and not on any medications. I am on a moderate diet of about 2300 kCal daily, with only moderate physical activity on most days. Today about 3 hours after a big breakfast of serial and milk, followed by a bit of standing around, I felt weak and shaky. I checked my blood sugar, and it was 53 mg/dL. I ate some nuts, which helped me to feel a bit better. Is this common? What sorts of culprits should I be looking for? Until yesterday, the lowest measurement I had recorded was 81 (a few years ago). Normally my measurements are between ~80 and ~130 (usually taken after breakfast).

  12. Hello I am 25 year old boy yesterday I tested my blood sugar 350 after food I was shocked I didn\’t expect this kind of result pls give me some suggestions to control it.soon I am going to get marry so I vexed due to this blood sugar result

  13. My Mom is 75 years old.
    What is d good sugar level for her in fasting and pp
    Today morning her fasting reading was 6.8 mmol/l


  14. This morning I checked my blood sugar it was 85 before I even eat today so am I considered a diabetes patient ? I am 28 yrs old

  15. My son is 5\’9\” and weight is 111 lbs his glucose level is 137 is that bad? And what is a concerning level for him.

  16. It\’s my 25th week of pregnancy and I have my FBS test and the result is 3.6 and the normal value is 4.2 -6.4 mmol/L, what does it mean? Do I have to panic?.. pls reply. Thanks.

    • Ajay, That depends on what you had with your tea and how you take your tea.

      If you had any carbs with your tea (cake, biscuit/cookie, bread) or if you take it with sugar/honey then a quick spike might be normal. If you take your tea unsweetened and had nothing accompanying it, and it had been a few hours since you had and sugar or carbs, then that might indicate you have a sustained elevated level.

      In either case it is in the low end of the concern range so it is not something I would panic over, but something to discuss with your doctor the next time you visit.

  17. Hi, I am 32 years old and I have blood sugar level between 120 to 150 everyday . As per doctor suggestion I am take medicine metformina daily one pcs 850mg.
    What should i do for bring down as Normal level .

    • Manik, I am no doctor…so anything your doctor has told you to do is likely a better choice than what I offer. The two biggest things we as sufferers can do it watch out diets and get more exercise.

      I do not pretend to know what you eat or what your physical condition or exercise routine is, but here are a few tips.

      Food: Remove as many carbs (carbohydrates) as you can. This includes rice and grains. Whole grains and brown rice are better than processed ones. White \”sticky\” rice, and anything from flour like bread, crackers, and anything with a crust. Watch starchy vegetables like corn, potatoes, peas. Another thing that is overlooked is fruits…many are high in sugar and thus carbs. Stick to vegetables and low fatty proteins as much as possible.

      Exercise: Even walking more will give you an improvement. Better yet work on fast walking to raise your heartrate and maintain it as long as you can. Track your progress, it is heartening to see the duration and even speed go up….and you should notice that the blood sugar levels start to go down.

    • Vasanth, If you are still checking this forum and seeing numbers like that, go to a doctor NOW. Not next week, not tomorrow….now that is approaching extreme hazard area.

      Please do this for your loved ones if not for yourself.

      • My age 27, level 402.
        Is diabetes curable.
        Some suggests me for insulin, to get pancreas to rest,so that it\’s beta could regenerate again.
        Now dont know, what to do….. any suggestions. Plz!?

  18. Hi, one of my brother is 16years old boy. he has random blood sugar 213mg/ dl but he checked fasting blood sugar is 76mg/dl and there is no any family history of if you can please suggest his condition and replay me as soon as possible.

  19. Hello, is blood sugar levels chart printable? I\’m looking for some a1c blood sugar chart to download and print. Thanks. Igor

    • HI Saravanti

      Although all doctors may say it won\’t affect, but honestly, I would suggest in your lunch reduce your carbs …

      just as a whole , eat much more veggies and meat… and lower the amount of rice and chapati you eat…

      high sugars affect in small ways or big .. absolute truth !

  20. I took my blood sugar this morning after eating and it was 4.3 i have had a really sweet taste in my mouth now for the last week plz advise

  21. I has been checking my glucose for two weeks. My levels have ranged from 58 to 116. Before I eat breakfast it is usually between 55 to 60 and after I eat 70 to 80. I have on ocassion have experience headache, blurred vision, dizziness and nausea. I wanted to know is it possible I have diabetes

    • I am not a dr. or nurse by no means but have a lot of medical background with my family being nurses. To me it sounds like you are hypoglycemic. I only believe that because I have pre-diabetic hypoglycemia. But you should still considering consulting you Primary Care Physician (PCP).

  22. I think if you like to check your blood sugar you need drink a full pint of lukojade Orange and wait two hours then check your blood sugar that way. You get the perfect result thank you

  23. Every morning before eating or drinking my sugar has been 79 after 2 hours it only goes to around 126 to 131. I started checking this recently because I had a really bad dizzy spell that only went away with sweet tea and a candy bar.

  24. Hai aim deepa here I year back I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and aim taking the daily 2 tablets of 500mg I have done my hbA1c it was 5.6 I should continue the tabs. Pls answer me



  26. I am 26yrs old. I got my blood sugar checked early morning without
    taking breakfast or tea. It was 120 mg. After this I had breakfast
    with cup of tea. I again got the blood sugar checked after one
    and half hour. It was 160mg . Is it ok plz advice me


    • I\’m no doctor but you should take it two full hours after eating. your levels seem normal to me since you took it less than two hours after eating.

  27. I checked my 7 year olds sugar levels today because he hasnt eaten anything sence 7 30 am i checked his sugar at 6 30 the reading was 121 is this something i should be worried about or is this a normal reading?

  28. I am a 39 year old female I weigh 107 pounds 5’7 my glucose normally runs at the highest 115 but I work at a nursing home and had a nurse check it tonight it was 166 is this too high?

  29. Hi.
    I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes about a week ago after having a FBG= 7.2 and a BG=11.0 after the OGTT.

    My bed time glucose levels have been around 6.2 and my morning levels are around 5.6-5.8 is this an okay level? I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes about a week ago after having a FBG= 7.2 and a BG=11.0 after the OGTT

    I also had a very weird reading today. I ate then went for a walk and found my BG at 3.9

    I ate a serving of taco chips and salsa 30min after the reading of 3.9 ( i wanted to test the effect of the chips)
    1 hour after chips BG= 6.8
    2 hrs after chips BG= 8.9

    I have never had a reading this his yet….my highest has been 6.6. I ate dinner after the 8.9 reading (had hamburger with no bun) and within 2 hours BG= 5.3 .

    After the 5.3 reading I had a glass of wine and a small piece of cake and did not see a spike. Is this a normal reaction? does this mean tortilla chips spike my blood sugar and wine helps lower it?

  30. Hi.

    I’ve just had a glucose fasting result is 7.9 mmol/L reading.
    What action I need to do? I’m Start aerobic exercise every 30 mins. and walking 1 hr. Do I need to take a prescription from Doctor for diabetes borderline?.

    • Hi Maria, just keep track of the food you eat. Get the glycemic index food list so you can track the carbs which will help you lower your blood sugar.

  31. Hi
    I checked my mom sugar level 174 fasting this morning what precaution needed to be taken for her.Please let me know .iam worried about her .
    I checked mine is 67 fasting .is it dangerous if you have low sugar level.Please let me know.

  32. my randam blood sugar levels is 250+ now increased from 120 few months ago. I am eating fruits like papaya, pomogrante orange etc., Food is Ragi and wheat chapathi. Still why the RBS is increasing ? should I stop eating fruits ? what shouls I eat . I am not taking any medicine.

    • Hi, some fruits have more sugar than others and if you check on the glycemic index of foods you can see the difference. I suggest you check the index to see what foods are low in carbs to maintain a low sugar level.

  33. What is the point of the chart above unless you specify if it applies to blood sugar levels after fasting?

  34. Respected Doctor, i took (rice, bread, banana) dinner last night at 8pm. then today morning i checked my fasting sugar and found 105. please guide me. i am 45 year old indian male. height 5 feet 9 inch, weight 80kg

  35. I have had my Dr. tell me that he don’t know what my blood sugar count is supposed to be. I’m 6’1″ and my weight is 235. Sometimes when I get up, it’s already 180, without eating anything. Can you help me regulate my sugar? Or advice me on what I need to do.

    • Hi, the blood sugar levels chart is used for all body sizes. My suggestion is for you to keep track of what you eat by utilizing the glycemic index of foods. When I get up in the morning and my glucose level is high it means that I ate a lot of carbs the night before. My trick is to only drink water in the morning or some type of home made fruit smoothie with fruits that are low in sugar. Check the glycemic index for the right type of fruits.

  36. Blood Gluose fasting 113.6mg/dl & Blood glucose PP 216.8mg/dl

    Please suggest me.

    What food controls ,I need to do.



    • Hi Dr,

      I am 43 yrs old
      Blood Gluose fasting 113.6mg/dl & Blood glucose PP 216.8mg/dl
      Please suggest me.
      What food controls ,I need to do.

  37. Hai Doc, i have daughter age 14 years, who i m concern with her blood sugar level after food is 9,do i hv to worry, pls inform me the actual reading for the children

  38. I am 68 yrs old. I got my blood sugar checked early morning without taking breakfast or tea. It was 98 mg. After this I had two slice of bread butter with cup of tea. I again got the blood sugar checked after one and half hour. It was 98mg again. Is it ok. Please advise. thanks.

  39. Hello Dr., I have two children who I’m concern with there blood sugar level. My 3 year old Hga1c was 5.7 and my 6 year old was 6.2. Do have have to worry? Are kids blood sugar levels normally higher than adults?

    • I guess that your 6 year old children have his weigh over a little bit. I suggest you either that your child must train physically in order to lose his weight, or consult your doctor. Good luck.

    • Tenisha, an HbA1c of 5 -6% is great for a T1 diabetic child that age. 6% is the average for a non-diabetic and represents no increase in risk of complications vs a non-diabetic.

      The intent of the chart used in this article isn’t properly described.

  40. My daughter is 17 and recently had a blood test that revealed her glucose level to be 61 mg/dL. She has been fatigued recently – is this alarmingly low?

  41. Doctor,
    I am 42years Male had my test mentioned below
    the ranges in reports am I diabetic and do advice
    me in regard. FPG:142 & PBPG:256.

    Kindly suggest the best I need to take care.

    Yours truly,

  42. I just had blood work done for an upcoming physical and my 8 hour fasting levels were 101 and 5.6?
    My checkup won’t be until middle of April so I can’t get more specifics form my doctor….Should I be concerned with these numbers? I am 5 ft 8in and 189 pounds..Thanks…

  43. My post prandial blood sugal level 65mg/dl and my Fasting Blood sugar level 112mg/dl and HbA1c – 6.2%. Kindly advise what these results are about. Am i a diabetic or what?

  44. My ac1 is 5.4 and glucose 12 hour fasting is 108 is this normal ? Can you email me a good and bad blood sugar chart to my email . Thanks

  45. I am 27yrs old and my last sugar level read 7.8mmol/l and I am pregnant too. my doctor put me on insulin usage. are my child n I at any serious risks?

    • yes you are, insulin is the worst way to treat your diabetes. Look up ketogenic diet and stop taking the insulin as it only makes things worse

  46. could you please send me a good and bad blood sugar chart for my girlfriend she has a dr who is treating this she has been diagnosed with uncontrollable diabeates. could you please send one to my e mai hers lwas 390 i need a chart to compare to her meter thank you so much.

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