How Fitness Can Help Recovery from Breast Enhancement Surgery

Are you considering breast enhancement surgery? There are many reasons why women choose to undergo cosmetic treatments such as breast enhancement or a mini facelift, ranging from health reasons to personal preferences regarding their appearance.

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However, if you have committed to a surgical procedure, it is important to know all the facts before the time for surgery arrives.

Cosmetic Treatment

As with any surgical procedure, cosmetic treatments can require a significant period of recovery time. It is important to allow your body time to heal naturally, giving yourself the opportunity to rest and recuperate as much as possible.

Of course, certain cosmetic surgery treatments require more recovery time than others. It is always best to talk to your surgeon or consultant about the details of your procedure, especially with more invasive or complex treatments.

However, while keeping this in mind, there are still some ways in which you can work towards improving your chances of a safe and speedy recovery. Health, fitness and staying in good shape are relatively easy ways of securing your recovery and can also provide a whole host of additional benefits in the long run.

While it is always important to try your best to stay in shape, having at least a moderate level of fitness can slash recovery time as your body is in a better position to aid with natural healing and recovery.

The best ways to lead a healthier lifestyle are simple – eat a balanced diet and do more exercise. These simple things can work wonders when it comes to not only aiding your recovery but also helping you to feel happier and more energetic throughout your daily life.

How Does Fitness Apply to Breast Enhancement Surgery?

Although every procedure is different, the standard recovery time for this type of surgery is several weeks. As a general rule of thumb, you should expect the following:

  • 1-2 weeks off work
  • Not to drive for at least 1 week
  • To attend a follow-up appointment
  • To wear a surgical support bra for up to 3 months after surgery

These are just the basic guidelines that you should expect post-surgery, but health and fitness can again be beneficial in this respect. After your procedure, it is vital not to overwork yourself or push your body too hard. Instead, it is a much more sensible idea to start slowly and gradually work up to the level of fitness you were at prior to your treatment.

Any form of strenuous physical activity should be avoided for a minimum of one month after surgery, yet it is essential that you continue to pay attention to your body.

If something is wrong, your body’s natural warning signs will alert you to this, through symptoms like inflammation or an increase in levels of pain. If you do experience any warning signs, you should immediately stop the exercise and book an appointment with your doctor or consultant as soon as possible.

What Exercise is Best?

When you are getting back into exercising post-surgery, you should begin with low-impact cardiovascular exercise. Start off with some walking or gentle cycling which will oxygenate the muscles and should also help to reduce inflammation.

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For breast enhancement procedures, basic shoulder exercises are also highly beneficial. Slowly rotate the shoulder joint through its full range of motion, taking care not to overstretch the muscles too quickly. This will promote healing and flexibility within the joint and surrounding areas as well as work to reduce pain.

Maintaining a good level of fitness should enable you to recover from your procedure more quickly, as well as helping you get your strength back faster.

However, if you are considering any cosmetic treatments such as breast enhancement, it is important to fully consider the implications of your decision and discuss it at length with a medical professional before committing to anything.

Recovery takes time, but health and fitness should help to speed the process along.


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