Grow Old Gracefully With These Anti Aging Tips

Aging is a natural process of all living things including us humans. This is that stage of life that often reflects the manner we have lived our lives. We can make the whole process graceful by taking care of ourselves all through.

The aging process can take care of itself if we make sure the biological processes are performing well in addition to inculcating good lifestyle habits.

Aging can be graceful. All we need is to live every stage of our life well. Make the following “the mantra” of your life and age gracefully.


Massage with organic oils

Massaging the body with good organic oils keep the skin nourished and healthy. There are many oils present, of value. For instance, a massage with sesame oil increases blood circulation and hydrates the body giving it the luminosity with which it shines and glows.

It removes dead skin as well. Regular or at least weekly massage with any organic oil is good for the skin and internal organs.

Stay away from bad habits

Bad habits like smoking and drug addiction affect the body badly. They may cause more damage than anything else. Smoking speeds up the aging process in addition to wrinkling the facial skin.

Drug addiction is injurious causing health problems. Poor health affects the longevity and the charm of aging gracefully.

No white sugar

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Sweets are vixens call towards aging especially, white sugar. It speeds up aging of the cells by binding to the collagen in the skin. This leads to sagging and finally wrinkling of the skin.

Staying away from sugar at every decade of life helps in delaying aging signs from appearing. Fruits are a good option for satiating sweet cravings.

One tip: use white sugar for scrubbing. Lather hands with a mild cleanser and handful of white sugar. Apply it on the face and body. It leaves the skin soft and smooth.

Go natural

Limit the use of cosmetics on the skin. They may have become a part of our lifestyle but there is nothing better than natural ingredients. Try and use these rather than the chemical formulations which do give instant results but leave chemicals that penetrate our dermal layers and cause harm in the long run. Try DIY scrubs and masks.

Take care of your eyes

The first symptoms of aging usually appear around the eyes. The skin around the eyes is very thin and delicate and needs special care. Specially formulated creams for the eyes make the fine lines fade.

Eye care started as early as in 20s ensures beautiful eyes even when you grow old. Buy yourself a good eye cream.

Taking care of hands

You might have noticed women with good facial skin but sagging skin on the hands. Hands often get neglected though they are the most visible part after the face. This is a wrong practice.

Applying mask on the hands after regular exfoliation makes them look beautiful by removing the dead cells and tightening the skin.

Stay away from stress

Stress is skin’s biggest enemy. Wrinkles’ appearing as a result of aging and not frowning or stress makes one look more beautiful. Stress has the ability to cancel out all the benefits of healthy living by speeding up cell degeneration.

People who stress more are more likely to age faster than people who live happily. Stress is inevitable but if combined with physical activities like meditation, 20 minutes of stretching exercises, breathing deeply helps in curbing stress ad thus cancel out the bad effects. A life lived stress-free ensures that the skin remains intact and glowing.

A good sleep

Night is the time when the skin goes on repair mode. New cells are formed at night. Therefore a good sound sleep of 7-8 hours is important to let skin and body heal in the most natural way possible.


As we age skin dawns a sagging look due to the lost muscles mass. Regular physical activities like exercise pumps in more blood towards the skin keeping it nourished and checks muscle loss as well. Run, lift, squat, sit-up, pilates, cardio or some other type, one must start at a very young age to reap the benefits.


Antioxidants slow down aging. These are anti-aging factors that neutralize the free radicals responsible for cell and tissue damage. Vegetables and fruits like broccoli, carrots, berries, red and yellow peppers, spinach should be included in everyday diet to check the aging factors.

A lifestyle habit wherein caffeinated drinks are substituted with herbal teas and green tea goes a long way in aging gracefully.

Keeping sun safe

Sun rays soak up the moisture from the skin making it dull, dry, and inflamed. These lay foundation of fine lines and wrinkles. Dabbing sunscreen during the day regardless of the presence of sun or clouds in the sky is important to protect the skin.

This should be made a life habit to age gracefully. An anti aging cream like Dermology anti wrinkle cream too helps in checking the aging lines. Make use of it at the very first sight of wrinkles. Don’t wait for them deepen.

Keeping the body well-nourished (internally and externally) and healthy by exercising and staying away from bad addictions makes life worthwhile. So be happy and age gracefully.

Author Bio:
Terrie Dawson is passionate in writing about different skin conditions and skin care. She loves to share her self-tested skincare tips and reviews on various skincare products with her readers through many skin care blogs.


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