Beauty Salon Equipment You Must Have

The beauty salon industry is a growing industry, especially in the eyelash market, which has been popular for many years. As the eyelash market grows larger and larger, more and more customers are starting to learn how to use false eyelashes, so eyelash extensions have become the main trend.

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If your business is a beauty salon, you obviously need to stock it with the right equipment. Here are some of the essential pieces of beauty salon equipment that you need.

Treatment Beds

The most important part of the eyelash beauty equipment is the bed. The bed of the eyelash salon should be as comfortable as possible, so that customers can relax freely when they lie down. In addition, the bed should be tall enough to allow you to work in a comfortable posture. When choosing an eyelash bed, pay attention to whether you can adjust the height of the backrest or use a foot pedal control to adjust the height of the headrest.

This is the first thing that you should buy. You will need a comfortable treatment bed so that your clients can lie down while they are having their hair, eyelashes or nails done. Treatment beds come in many shapes and sizes.

Beauty lamp for eyelash extensions

The most important thing is to have a beauty lamp for eyelash extensions. This is a special lamp that perfectly illuminates all areas of the face, highlighting each individual eyelash and making it easy for the master to see them. The height of the lamp can be adjusted so that it does not interfere with the work of both a novice and an experienced specialist.

When choosing a beauty lamp for eyelash extensions, you should pay attention to several important points:

  1. The lamp should have a flexible arm so that you can adjust it to your customers to create the most comfortable working conditions.
  2. The lamp must be equipped with a timer and a memory function that allows you to save time settings, as it is very convenient when working with a series of customers.
  3. The light source of an ideal beauty lamp must give off non-ultraviolet radiation. It is necessary that the light is soft, low-intensity and at the same time evenly distributed throughout the entire area of ​​the lamp.

Professional Uniforms

Uniforms in the salon should be laconic, stylish and comfortable. They must be worn by all employees. The uniformity creates unity, orderliness, and at the same time gives the customer confidence about the professionalism of the master and his team. When choosing a uniform, it should be taken into account that it is not only necessary to create an appropriate atmosphere in the salon, but also to provide comfort to employees during long procedures.

Comfortable pillows

A special pillow is required in order to conveniently fix the client’s head during the procedure of eyelash extension. The pillow must be soft, but at the same time keep its shape well so that the master can work comfortably with such an inconvenient position of his hands. On many lash beds you can find an additional place for storage of accessories or small tools that are used during the eyelashes extension procedure (tweezers, brushes).

Warm Blankets

For a comfortable procedure there should be blankets in your salon so that clients do not freeze during sleep for several hours with their eyes closed!


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