When is high blood pressure most likely to emerge?

Because high blood pressure is a mostly silent health problem, it can happen at any time during your life, but there are certain times that can make getting high blood pressure more likely to happen.


Pregnancy is one of those times. High blood pressure can occur for a number of reasons during pregnancy. High blood pressure can be especially dangerous to both pregnant woman as well as their unborn child. There are three types of high blood pressure that’s linked with pregnancy.

The first one is prior hypertension. Pregnant women who already have hypertension before coming pregnant may experience sudden higher readings. Women with prior hypertension have to be careful with taking blood pressure medications during pregnancy since these medications may cross the placenta and can cause problems for the baby.

The next type of high blood pressure in pregnant women is gestational. This means that the woman did not have high blood pressure before she became pregnant.

Gestational high blood pressure is caused due to the extra fluid and weight gain that often occurs with carrying a baby. However, this type of high blood pressure usually occurs about halfway during the pregnancy but goes away once the baby is delivered.

The third type is preeclampsia and this is the most dangerous kind. It can cause organ damage and even death. Two of the symptoms of this type of high blood pressure are sudden swelling and a fast weight gain in a short amount of time.


High blood pressure can strike the aging because as you get older, you can have trouble with hardening of the arteries, which can contribute to the condition. Plus, in the elderly, the blood vessels don’t work as well as they normally should to constrict and dilate.


Being obese is another reason that high blood pressure can strike. Carrying excess weight puts strain on the heart and other organs. It forces the body to produce more insulin and can cause the heart’s arteries to become thicker.

Both of these can lead to high blood pressure. Plus, many overweight people have high sodium levels due to unhealthy eating habits and a lack of physical exercise.

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Stress can play a role in getting high blood pressure without warning because high anxiety levels can cause a steady infusion of the “flight or fight” hormone to be released in the body.

It can lead to problems with your adrenals, which help keep your blood pressure stabilized. No one is exempt from having a sudden onset of high blood pressure, Children and even babies are at risk.

For babies who have high blood pressure, this us usually due to health problems such as premature birth. Children who develop high blood pressure usually have it because they’re on an unhealthy diet.

They can have a high stress lifestyle or weight more than is healthy. They can also develop high blood pressure from not being active enough.


Recent studies have shown that more children than ever before are diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes as a direct result of their lifestyles. Diabetes is closely linked with high blood pressure and other diseases.

Anyone who has diabetes knows that the disease has many different symptoms. These symptoms can range from tingling in the hands caused by nerve damage from high glucose levels to frequent urination.

As time passes, diabetes can cause a lot of serious harm to your body unless you reverse it. Well over 25 million people now have diabetes.

There are two types of diabetes.

Type one means that the cells in the pancreas have been more or less destroyed. This is usually caused by an auto-immune disease. Very little insulin is produced within the pancreas and certainly not enough to keep glucose levels manageable.

Of the two types of diabetes, this one can be the most difficult to regulate and is often diagnosed in early childhood. However, symptoms of Type 2 diabetes can be more easily reversed because this form of the disease is linked to metabolic disorders rather than cell destruction.

People who have Type two diabetes do not have enough insulin production to control their glucose levels properly. To understand how to reverse diabetes, you’ll need to follow up with further reading on the subject.

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  1. Lots of vitamin C may help keep high blood pressure a bay. If you can’t eat oranges, drink orange juice. Other foods that are rich in vitamin C include tomatoes, broccoli, grapefruit, kiwi, strawberries, and bell peppers.


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