Feeling Under The Weather? Skip The Cold Meds And Vape A Little CBD Oil Instead!

Imagine waking up with a raging fever, chills, pain, and a sore throat. Normally, you would probably force yourself to go to the medicine cabinet and reach for the strongest cold & flu meds that you have.

But, what if you didn’t have to take cold meds? What if there was something else, something more natural that you could take. Like CBD oil. Please note – the CBD oil we refer to is hemp based – meaning it does not contain THC and, therefore, doesn’t get you high. This type of CBD oil is legal.

CBD oil, in short, is oil that is derived from the cannabis plant. Not only has CBD oil gained popularity recently but research has also proven its effectiveness at offering relief from various ailments and providing health benefits for those who use it.

CBD oil; image source: medicalnewstoday.com

So, without further ado, let’s dive in.

Relieves Pain

If you have pain accompanied with a cold, or a chronic condition like fibromyalgia or arthritis, then CBD oil can provide the relief you need.

CBD oil has a way of affecting the brain receptors to provide much needed pain relief and all without the dependence that one would encounter when taking other medication.

Fights Inflammation

Inflammation can not only be a problem during a cold/flu but chronic inflammation can also prove problematic for certain conditions like cancer and heart disease.

Thankfully, CBD oil has shown to reduce inflammation especially when paired with a healthy diet and exercise (which also aids in reducing inflammation.)

Battles It Out With Your Cold/Flu

This one is not only a little surprising but requires more research to prove not only its effectiveness but to explain why it occurs.

CBD oil has the ability to kill bacteria, like from a cold or flu – even ones that have been proven to be resistant to drugs.

No one really knows why but occasional use of CBD could definitely fight off any superbugs that might pop up in the future, especially the ones that are resistant to antibiotics.

Gets Rid Of The Stress

Stress; image source: pexels.com

Coming down with a cold can be a very stressful ordeal –– even more if you have to miss work, take care of the kids, or perform other tasks instead of staying in bed.

And, you guessed it. CBD oil can help with that too. Research has shown that CBD oil can not only help those with anxiety and depression reduce stress but even individuals who have issues with public speaking.

So, it is completely reasonable to expect that typical stress expressed by individuals on a daily basis can be reduced with a little CBD.


Dealing with a cold/flu sucks and while your average cold pill can relieve symptoms and help fight off your cold – sometimes you just want something that doesn’t have side effects or doesn’t make you groggy or unable to drive. Which is where CBD oil comes in.

CBD can relieve your pain, reduce your stress, reduce inflammation, and fight off that stubborn superbug that has been keeping you sick for the past few days. It’s all natural and worth a try.

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