The Use of Essential oils for High Blood Pressure Problems

High blood pressure is a serious health issue, but is, in most cases, a consequence of some underlying problem. High blood pressure will put extra strain on your veins and arteries and will also burden your heart.

High blood pressure can cause headache; image source:

If high blood pressure is not treated and taken care of, over time, this extra strain may seriously damage your health. It can cause heart and kidney disease, and is closely linked to some forms of dementia.

According to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, the blood pressure diagnosis is based on these numbers:

  • Less than 120/80 mmHg – normal blood pressure
  • A systolic pressure situated between 120 and 139 / a diastolic pressure situated between 80 and 89 – pre-hypertension
  • A systolic pressure situated between 140 and 159 / a diastolic pressure situated between 90 and 99 – stage 1 hypertension
  • A systolic pressure of more than 160 / a diastolic pressure situated at 100 or more – stage 2 hypertension

For more information please refer to our extensive article on blood pressure or refer to blood pressure chart.

The Symptoms and Causes of High Blood Pressure Problems

High blood pressure is generally a consequence of a poor diet (refined food, alcohol, stimulants, …), stress, lack of sleep, smoking or other bad habits. It usually indicates an underlying health issue.

The most common symptoms of high blood pressure are:

  • headache,
  • anxiety,
  • palpitations,
  • restlessness.

When these symptoms appear more often than usual, it is recommended to consult a doctor. If doctor will prescribe you drugs you must follow the advice and start the treatment immediately. If the condition is not so serious you can do a lot by yourself.

The first thing you can is to try and change your lifestyle, indulge in sport and quit bad habits. A change of diet is recommended. Use of essential oils for high blood pressure problems is great approach.

14 Essential Oils for High Blood Pressure Problems

Below you can find some of the essential oils which, by consumption, can help you alleviate high blood pressure symptoms.


A nervous system balancer that effectively helps the overactive mind to calm down. It detoxifies, balances emotions, helps improve circulation, lifts up sluggish digestion and offers a restful sleep. Geranium helps to eliminate stress and anxiety.


It is a soothing and warming essential oil for high blood pressure that has vessel dilating qualities. It can also limit stress through its calming effect on emotions. Other effects that Marjoram has over the body are: brain support, digestive support, muscular cramp and ache relief and hormonal support (for women most of all).


This oil is known for its properties of calming nerves and boosting feelings of optimism and confidence. The emotional balanced qualities of Jasmine offer an improved breathing, the alleviation of nervous anxiety and a depression lifting. These emotional benefits can offer peace to the stressed out nervous system, this being in most cases a primary cause of high blood pressure problems.


This essential oil for high blood pressure offers balancing and calming effects for the stressed out brain. It can instill relaxation for the whole body through its anti-inflammatory, calming and cooling qualities. The emotional and hormonal problems can be held under control with rose oil. It also has the ability to increase circulation.

Valerian Root

This grounding oil is known to be very good for the nervous system for its sedative effects. It can relax the tense sympathetic nervous system and can engage the parasympathetic nervous system. Valerian oil can ease hyperactivity, heart palpitations, insomnia, nervous tension and shock. It is the best for a restful sleep.


It is an essential oil for high blood pressure that also has a lot of other therapeutic actions and uses. It has antiseptic qualities and can be used for anti-inflammatory and calming issues. Known to be the best for tension and stress, it is also perfect for headaches.


Lemon is known to have a lot of practical home uses and it is great for indigestion. It also boosts energy levels, relieves anxiety and improves mental clarity.


Soothing and refreshing, it is an essential oil for high blood pressure that can also relieve stiffness and muscle cramps, stimulate digestion, improve liver function and calm the nervous system.


Because of the potent antidepressant properties, it calms the body, restores emotional balance and lifts the mood. It also lowers high blood pressure and has the means to protect against heart attack, palpitations and rapid heartbeat.


It has calming qualities, eases tension and stress and lifts depression. It is mostly indicated in states of anger.


A pain relieving and anti-inflammatory oil. It can overcome mental exhaustion and low energy levels.


It improves blood circulation and significantly reduces the high blood pressure.


It helps promote a calm sense on the mind and the body. It is perfect for frustration, irritability and anger feelings. Good for a restful sleep.

Ylang ylang

It can slow a rapid heartbeat, promote relaxation and decrease high blood pressure. It is great for anxiety.



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