How to Rejuvenate Your Fitness Routine After Giving Birth

Pregnancy is a wonderful experience. You will feel elated as your baby grows inside of you. However, reality strikes soon. While giving birth is a blessing, the change in your body is massive. That said, mothers need to set up a fitness routine program for before and after her delivery date, to ensure that her body and mind stay actively agile.

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Naturally, your body will bounce back into your pre-pregnancy self with time. Before you start any fitness plan, ensure you consult a qualified physician, especially if you suffer from any complications or ailments.

Benefits of Exercises During Pregnancy

Strenuous physical exercises while pregnant can be risky. During your first prenatal visit, consult your doctor about safe exercises. He will ultimately give you the proper guidelines. When there are no complications, a maximum of 2 hours of activity is significant.

Interestingly, regular aerobic activities aid in mitigating complications that come with pregnancy. These activities increase your heart rate and improve your breathing. For healthy pregnancies, at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise daily is very impactful.

A prenatal workout program is crucial for mothers. It allows postpartum bounce back to be significantly easier. Physical activities are helpful since your body is already used to physical activities.


Pregnant women should take walks. It is not as strenuous of an exercise, hence many find it convenient and rejuvenating. Walking does not require any special equipment. You can easily add walking to your schedule. Remarkably, it helps ease the discomforts that come with pregnancy.

After giving birth, you can start walking immediately. Your doctor will provide you with guidelines. Physical activities will ensure your body starts burning extra calories directly. Walking will help your body ease into other forms of exercise.


If you have consulted your doctor or midwife, swimming is a good fitness plan. During the first trimester, swimming prevents nausea. Additionally, it will energize you for the rest of the day.

Swimming is a gentle activity because it does not pose any risk. Water buoyancy reduces the effects of gravity on your body. The buoyancy makes your growing belly comfortable. Therefore, swimming is ultimately considered a safe workout routine.

After giving birth, swimming is also a great way to slowly build up your body’s endurance. It is recommended as an efficient way of getting back into shape.

Stationary Bike Riding

Stationary bike riding is safe for expectant mothers. The reason behind this is because the bike will support your entire weight. It ensures that your body is not strained in any way. There are also fewer chances of falling. Notably, as the pregnancy progresses, it may be risky and tiring to practice this exercise. So be sure to not over exert yourself, and consult a physician if you have any concerns.

Running and Jogging

Expectant mothers need to stay active. Running is a great way to boost your mood and energy actively. Even though running is a high-intensity workout, it is a safe prenatal exercise plan. It is essential to listen to your body before running. Listen to what your body is telling you, and proceed accordingly.

If you have not been running throughout your life, running during pregnancy can be a risk. Running adds more stress to your body which might cause complications. It is essential to consult your physician or midwife before running.

Generally, running during pregnancy has significant benefits. It aids in easing constipation, fatigue, and back pains. After delivery, jogging is an excellent form of exercise. It promotes mental and physical health.

Kegel Exercises

Kegel is a great prenatal exercise. Kegel exercises strengthen the muscles in your pelvic floor, and enable higher bladder control. Women who experience pain during sexual intercourse benefit from kegel exercises, as it helps to relax vaginal muscles. Relaxing will boost your sexual pleasure. After delivery, kegel exercises promote further bladder control and aids in the healing process after birth.

Stair Climbing Machines

Pregnant women are advised to stay active. Stair-climbing machines help improve your heart rate. The side rails might provide support, but the devices can be risky.

Stair climber machines are safe during pregnancy. As the pregnancy progresses, ensure you adjust the stairs. Plant your feet firmly on the steps to avoid bouncing. Planting prevents tripping while using the equipment.

Pregnancy causes a lot of body changes. Bouncing back to your initial body figure might take time. The journey requires patience. Always keep in mind that it took 40 weeks to form the pregnancy. With the right workout plan, bouncing back to shape is easy. Immediately after you find out you are pregnant, lay out a suitable fitness routine plan to keep your spirits high and your body pains at a minimum. Ensure you follow the workout plan to the latter. At the end of it all, you will have a healthy baby and a healthy body.



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