3 Easiest Muscle Building workout programs you can do at home

If you cannot stand the annoying sound of the cardio machines, the smell of protein shakes, or maybe you are on a tight budget but want to build your muscles, there are many easy workouts you can perform at home.

Exausthion after workout; image source:healthiack.com

These workouts are very simple and above all, you do not need any machine, assistance or spend money on the gym. It will also save your time and stress in going to the gym.

Space is not the issue when planning your workout program at home. You can decide to train in the garage, basement or in an open field. But make sure there is no obstruction or sharp object in the area that could cause injury.

Below are some of the workouts you can do at home without any equipment.


Crunches are one of the great workouts anyone can do at home. According to buffedd, It helps to build core strength as well as tone your midsection

However, do not get too excited yet, because crunches are just one small part of a big plan needed to develop core strength. Building core strength is very important for general body strength as well as muscle building.

Tips on how to do crunches at home

  • Lie down on a smooth surface (mat or carpeted) and ensure you are comfortable.
  • Bend knees to ensure your feet are completely flat on the floor
  • Place arms on your chest and cross them.
  • Using your abdominal muscle, lift your shoulders towards the direction of the ceiling and pause at the peak of the process.
  • Ensure some part of your back remains on the floor during the process.
  • As you continue to go up, exhale and contract your Abs
  • Inhale and gently return your back to the floor.

Feet-Elevated Pike Pushup

This workout is great if you are looking to build muscles in a short time. What you need is an elevated surface, and ensure that the surface you are resting your hands on is smooth. Feet-elevated pike push-up is great for building shoulder strength. It is a great upper body or shoulder workout anyone can do at home.

Tips on how to do feet-elevated pike push-up

  • Get yourself into a pushup position and place your feet on a bench (elevated surface).
  • Take your hands back a little allowing the butt to point straight up in the air
  • Lower your body gently until your head is almost touching the floor
  • Take yourself back up again.
  • Your arms should be braced throughout the process

Spiderman Crawl

Spider crawl can be a complete condition program or a dynamic warm-up. It helps to tone muscles, raise heart rate and burn fats.

Your back, arms, core, and legs are activated when doing spider crawl and supporting your body weight at the same time. It is a great workout that involves a dynamic movement on the floor.

Tips on how to do spiderman crawl

Spiderman pushups; image source: magazine.nasm.org
  • Start with a pushup position on the floor.
  • Your body should be straight, and feet placed together while your weight is supported with your hands placed on the floor as well as your toes.
  • When starting, arms should be bent at 90 degrees.
  • Start the movement by lifting one foot, at a time off the ground.
  • Rotate the raised leg externally and return the knee towards your elbow.
  • Return the leg you started with to the normal position and repeat the process on the other side.


These are some of the easy and effective workouts anyone looking to build muscle can do at home.

Make sure you are in the right position and start gradually. Remember to be consistent to get the most out of your home workout program.


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