Hair Loss True Or False Questions

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Hair products such as shampoo, dye or hair gel contain chemicals that can cause hair loss

False! You can definitely damage your existing hair by dying it or using harsh chemicals or heat too much. This causes breakage and in extreme cases your hair will thin out drastically. However, this is just surface damage, and does not cause any long term harm to the hair follicles. Treat your hair gently, avoid damage from bleach, sun, wind and too-hot appliances, and your hair will grow back just fine.

Hats are a great cover-up for baldness

True! Hats, headscarves, wraps and bandanas can all cover your bald patch if you’re self-conscious about it. They won’t make your baldness worse, and they can protect your existing hair from the sun, the elements and pollution too. Feel totally free to rock a hat any time you want to cover your bald patch, and don’t worry about it harming your hair.

The only time a hat can damage your hair is if it’s too tight, and it rips your hair out at the roots. This is called traction alopecia, and it’s not very good for your hair. Avoid extremely tight hats and headgear like rubber swimming caps, if they are causing your hair to be ripped out at the roots.

Sunshine is bad for hair growth

False! Too much sunshine can dry out and damage your existing hair, but hair tends to grow quicker in the summer, as warm weather increases the blood flow to the head. You can protect your existing hair with special products that will prevent it from being damaged by the sun or salt water, but go ahead and enjoy the summer sunshine, it won’t make your bald patch any bigger.

You have to be over 40 or under 70 to have a hair transplant

False again! Hair transplants have been successfully performed on men of all ages. If you’re suffering from male pattern baldness at any age a hair transplant is definitely an option for you.

Baldness is inherited from either side of the family

True! There is a belief that baldness is inherited from the maternal side of the family, but this is a myth. Male pattern baldness can come from either your mum or your dad’s side of the family. You can look to your family members for clues as to your own age and pattern of hair loss symptoms, but remember to look on both sides, not just the maternal side.


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