Workplace Health Precautions During COVID-19

The importance of health and wellness has always been stressed in the workplace. Many companies develop programs and offer incentives to encourage employees to practice a healthier lifestyle.

Adding COVID-19 into the equation has made things more complicated for everyone involved. To help employees stay safe, business owners must enforce sound health practices on the job.

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Health and Wellness Precautions at Work

Staying healthy begins with common sense habits, but at work, it’s important to set some important rules and hold each person accountable.

1. Post Health and Wellness Signs

Everyone benefits from reminders, so consider buying some health & wellness safety posters.

The signs can signal where to find hand sanitizer or hand-washing stations. Posters can also demonstrate how to properly wear masks and how to keep a safe distance from others.

2. Wear Masks and Practice Social Distancing

Wearing masks all day can be difficult, but it can protect you and others from disease. The Centers for Disease Control recommends that you wear a mask or face shield and stay at least six feet from others at all times.

You might consider installing a plexiglass partition at your cubicle if you work close to someone else. When planning meetings, reduce the meeting size and make sure there is at least one empty seat between each person. Conduct virtual meetings as much as possible to reduce contact.

3. Keep Your Workstation Clean and Sanitized

Make sure you have a supply of hand sanitizer and paper towels at your desk or work station to keep surfaces clean. Avoid touching door handles, especially in the bathroom. Use a paper towel to open the door and discard it immediately.

Always wash your hands for at least 20 seconds after using the restroom and before touching your face or eating lunch. Don’t grab the coffee pot handle without using a piece of paper towel either.

4. Wash Your Mask and Clothes Each Day

When you get home from work, throw your clothes and washable mask into the washing machine to reduce exposure to other family members.

5. Remind Co-workers if They Forget Safe Practices

Nobody wants to be a tattletale, but if you notice that a co-worker isn’t following safe practices, take them aside and gently remind them of the importance of proper healthy protocols.

Ask them to also remind you if you do something unsafe, such as itching your face or rubbing your eyes, to avoid sounding combative. If you develop a team environment to encourage each other, it will make everyone feel more comfortable.

6. Discuss Concerns With Your Supervisor

If you spot an unsafe work situation, talk with your manager. Don’t be confrontational, but express that your intent is to improve safety for everyone. Offer suggestions for improvement rather than complaining about the situation.

Health and safety in the workplace is serious business. Keeping employees healthy will ensure that productivity remains high. Discuss the importance of following safety precautions all year long with your employees, but especially during the current pandemic.


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