6 Important Tips for Staying Physically Healthy at Work

Much of our daily lives are spent at work. In an analysis cited from HuffPost Australia, on average, a person spends more than 13 years and two months at work in a lifetime. Still, the intensity of work varies from industry to industry and required working hours in a day.

Oftentimes, because of work or the nature of work, add to it the pressure from varying factors in the workplace, the chances of obesity and acquiring other cardiovascular-related diseases are high. A study from the Oxford academic describes obesity and other cardiovascular-diseases as a global health issue in which the work of a person or the working environment is the largest contributor.

This gives the notion that there shall be a change in the way of living, especially in the workplace where most of our life is spent.

standing desk
Standing desk; image source: pexels.com

Hence, before going to the nearest gym or doing extraneous physical exercises, we can do things that can help us improve our physical health even in the workplace. Below are some important tips you should know.

Hydrate Yourself

The most effective way to stay physically fit in the workplace is to drink enough glasses of water (8-10 glasses or 2- 2 ½ liters). Drinking enough amount of water will keep you hydrated throughout the day. It will, likewise, reduce the feeling of dizziness, exhaustion and headache.

Bring Some Healthy Snacks

Sometimes, drinking water can be boring. That is why fresh fruit is also recommended as they are also good sources of water and a delicious snack too. You can bring some fresh melons, apples and grapefruits or any other fresh fruits you like. You can even mix them to your water to add flavor.

Maintain Proper Posture

A person usually spends 8 hours at work every day, sitting on a chair, facing a computer screen. This is why some workers acquire chronic back pain. To reduce the risk of back pain, always maintain a good posture, especially when sitting. Adjust the height of your chair enough that your feet touch comfortably the floor. Relax your shoulders.

A good posture can also be improved with the help of standing converter and a standing desk. Although having one of them may require asking the HR for permission, both can help facilitate proper posture. Comparing a standing converter and a desk may be confusing as to how each differs. Thus, it is important to weigh things first to know which one fits your specific needs.

Take 5-10 Minutes of Break From the Computer Screen

Being exposed in too much blue light which is present in computer screens and other devices may lead to eye strain, headache and worse, eye diseases. This is why it is important to take a break from the screen.

For every hour, make sure to take a 5-10 minutes of break from the screen. Within those minutes, you can do some stretching or anything that will keep you away from the screen for a while.

Clean Your Desk

Dirty desks may trigger existing allergies or asthma. Thus, it is essential to clean your desk before and after work, or even within your 5-10 minute break. Likewise, if an organized desk can increase your productivity, do some organizing stuff. Otherwise, you can do some wiping and simple disinfecting tasks.

Go Get Some Fresh Air

The workplace might be one of the most stressful places – people talking loudly, crowded spaces and toxic workmates, so it is good for your mental and physical health to go outside and get some fresh air for a while. You can do a 10-15 minute walk outside during your lunch break and get back feeling refreshed and relaxed.



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