Why is running so popular?

Running is a great sport and it should primarily be a relaxation method for alleviating stress and unhealthy lifestyle, psychosomatic illnesses and other problems of modern life.

When going for a short evening run do not push yourself too hard and just enjoy running.

Running as a basic exercise

Running is, besides walking, the most elementary form of human motor action. It is also considered a basic form of sport in general and a basic form of athletics.

A person is considered running when speed exceeds 6 miles per hour (10 kilometers per hour). You can run short distances (burst running), medium distances, long distances and really long distances (endurance running). Most people find running short or medium distances most comfortable.

a woman running Running has lately become very popular. It is a healthy choice for you too!

Running is becoming more and more popular as it is one of the cheapest and most affordable forms of exercising. All you need is a pair of running shoes, shorts and a t-shirt.

Endurance running (long runs), if not excessive, strengthens the cardiovascular and respiratory system. People are getting more and more aware of health benefits of running, because being healthy is becoming very important for a modern man. Curing illnesses is expensive.

Health benefits of running

A combination of proper diet and running is very effective as it promotes healthy weight loss. Are you struggling to get rid of those love handles that you hate so much? Go for a run!

Running improves physical and mental state of an individual and is also very effective in reducing stress and blood pressure as it helps maintain the elasticity of arteries.

Most of active runners have, on average, lower blood pressure compared to people who don’t run.

Running also increases lung capacity, strengthens lungs and heart muscle and keeps you in great shape. It is also an effective measure in prevention of heart attack.

Running is strongly advised exercise for smokers as it can restore most of lost lung capacity.

Several studies suggest that regular physical activity has a positive effect on your blood system as it increases red blood cell amount.

By running regularly you will remain in shape and maintain healthy body weight. An average runner will burn about 100 calories per every 0.6 miles (1 kilometer).

For a more accurate calculation you can use our activity calorie consumption calculator.

Many active runners find running to be an effective method to alleviate negative effects of stress.

Why is running so popular lately?

In the past people were physically active every day. They traveled by foot, had to work on farms or in factories, etc. Today’s lifestyle pace is completely different from the lifestyle of our ancestors.

A typical working day for a modern man usually means siting in the office and not being physically active at all. Running is the cheapest and fastest form of exercise, thus very affordable for an average person.

Our life today is much more static while our ancestors were much more physically active. Therefore, because of lack of recreation and a passive lifestyle we have become more prone to different illnesses of modern world. Running keeps us healthy.

Nowadays one in ten persons run. Running is the sixth most popular form of recreation in Europe – after walking, swimming, biking, alpine skiing and mountaineering.



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